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Practice information

Practice leaflet

Download our practice leaflet (Dutch).

Opening hours and address

The Health Centre, Laanzicht 3, 8271 JZ IJsselmuiden, is open all year except on weekends and official holidays, and can be reached by telephone from 08:00 to 17:00.

For our telephone numbers see Bereikbaarheid. In an emergency you can always get through to us by pressing the emergency button even if it is busy.

Out of Hours Service

During the evening, at night, on bank holidays and in weekends you can call the Huisartsenpost, Dokter van Heesweg 2, 8025 AB Zwolle , Telephone 0900-333 6 333. Always call first before going there!
The huisartsenpost is located inside the new ISALA hospital, next to the Accident & Emergency department; the two share an entrance.

In life-threatening emergencies call 112 first.


You can make an appointment either by telephone or in person at the front desk. We have a limited walk-in surgery at 08:00 first thing in the morning, for short and simple complaints only. Please check with the receptionist that your problem falls in this category, if in doubt. The receptionist may ask you to make a full appointment if it does not. Always report to the receptionist first.

Home visits

If you cannot come to the health centre for medical reasons, the doctor can come and visit you at home. However, home visits take a lot of time, and proper examination and treatment is more difficult at home than at the surgery, and sometimes impossible. Except in emergencies please call us early if you want to request a home visit, so we can fit you in that same day.

Callback service

If you want to speak to your doctor on the telephone, tell the receptionist. She will ask the doctor to call you back on the number you leave with her.

E-mail consultation

All of our doctors offer an e-mail consultation (if they are working that day). Not all questions can be answered in this way, and you may be asked to make an appointment. E-mail consultations are not appropriate for emergencies.

Repeat prescriptions

We prefer that you use the repeat form on this website. We also have a telephone line for repeat prescriptions which can be reached through the surgery number.

What do receptionists do ?

Receptionists at our practice have had a 3 year training and perform many medical tasks, apart from the administrative ones. If you call for an appointment they will ask what the problem is so they can ensure that urgent problems are seen quickly. They have a professional code of silence just like the doctors. Still, if you would rather discuss your problem just with the doctor, you do of course have that right.

Extra doctors

Besides the GP partners, there other doctors who work in the surgery. Dr G Wouters works four days each week, and Dr I Groot works three days each week, Dr E Vermeijlen also works several days. Together they work one day each week for each of the partners, and several days are filled with extra surgeries.

Practice nurses

In the health centre we have a number of practice nurses (’praktijkondersteuners’), both for physical ailments and for psychological problems. They are highly qualified and experienced nurse specialists and psychotherapists who assist the doctors in a very substantial way, but the responsibility for their work remains with your own doctor.

Test results

Results of blood tests, X-rays etc. are reported to the doctor by the hospital. If you want to know the results, you should contact the surgery. We will not automatically pass them on to you, unless there is immediate danger.

Referral letters

Will in principle be given to you immediately after the consultation. However, nearly all referrals nowadays take place by (secure) e-mail or fax and you will in general be contacted by the person you have been referred to without any further action on your part. You can always ask for a copy of the referral letter. Since 2014 we have been using a new system called ´Zorgdomein´, which allows us to refer you to the hospital electronically.

Urine tests

Urine samples (in a clean, non-leaking sample bottle, please!) can be delivered at the front desk in the morning. Please fill in the small form that the receptionist will give you - it helps a lot if we know the complaints of the patient.

Blood tests

Blood samples can be taken at the surgery every day between 8:00 and 12:00. You can also go to the Polikliniek in Kampen between the hours of 8:00 and 16:00, no appointment necessary.

X-ray and ultrasound examinations

X-ray and USS can be performed at the polikliniek in Kampen, by appointment only: (038) 424 60 00. Also in the Diagnostic Centre in Zwolle, Dr. Spanjaardweg 29 (building A, ground floor). For an X-ray always make an appointment: (038) 424 63 00.


Apotheek IJsselmuiden, on the ground floor under the Health Centre. Here you can collect prescribed medication and buy over-the-counter remedies. The pharmacy can also deliver your medication if necessary. Information at the pharmacy.

Hospital Locations (Isala)

Complaints and suggestions

If you find that something could be improved, please tell us about it. We can use your experience to improve our service. You can send us a mail through this link: I have a suggestion or complaint.